To Members and Friends of RedR
The Tsunami that struck the coastal nations of South Asia on December 26 wrought huge suffering throughout the region.

We, at RedR Canada, together with our RedR colleagues around the world, are doing our very best to help. We are helping in two ways:

Providing engineers and other skilled relief workers to the agencies operating on the front lines in the affected countries, and
Providing training where needed.

Photo Gino Henry
Your Participation:

If you have any of the skills needed (needs assessment, water and sanitary engineering, temporary housing, health management, logistics, program management) and first-hand experience in relief operations, please register online at . You may also apply for membership or email us at with your updated CV. Please note that our recruitment team can only respond to those applications for which we have an immediate need. Please be patient.

Your Donation:

We solicit contributions, as a registered charity, from individuals, corporations and institutions. We hold ourselves accountable to our major contributors as if they were shareholders. To this end, we have established performance criteria, and report performance against specific targets approved by our Board of Directors.

We receive donations by cheque sent to RedR Canada, 130 Chambord, Ottawa, ON K1V 0L4, or electronically through – a well-known and reliable charity in itself that serves as an electronic receiver of donations by debit card or credit card, via the Internet.

When using this service, please follow the prompts. Please give generously.

The Future

The immediate effects of the South Asia Tsunami disaster have been effectively dealt with and the affected areas well served by the NGO community. The emphasis is gradually shifting towards rehabilitation and reconstruction, Our NGO clients remain deeply involved in this new phase, as do our members – as volunteers and employees – of our clients.

We wish to point out, however, that RedR also serves many other victims elsewhere in the world who are no less deserving than the victims of the Tsunami. For example, refugees from the fighting in Darfur, the Congo, the Ivory Coast, Afghanistan, Chechnya, and so on. Generally speaking, these victims have not received as much publicity as those affected by the Tsunami, but their need for help is every bit as acute. Please give generously to all victims of disasters beyond their control.