Don’t Drink and Drive especially on the weekends

Don’t Drink and Drive … Or, If the Government Has Its Way, Don’t Drink For Two Hours after Driving Either


Toronto DUI lawyer states that the government has introduced new draconian measures for lowering the permissible blood alcohol level. This eliminates the previous last drinking defense. As a matter of fact, with the present constitutional prerequisites to search the motorist by securing their breath samples in the approved screening device.

As per the new legislation, people who blow 80 will be punished over have a blood alcohol level from 89-80. However, this is not the biggest issue with new legislation. The government is capable of making permissible blood alcohol lower for improving road safety.

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The actual issue is that in order to prevent the legal defense of bolus drinking, the new legislation will prohibit the motorist to have a blood alcohol level over 80 for two hours after the motorist has finished such driving unless the person didn’t really expect to be subjected to a breath test. This part of legislation is only to prevent people from relying on the last drinking or bolus drinking defense. It might sound and look absurd bur it can lead to some odd results.

However, in case you get caught for drinking and driving, you should get in touch with Toronto DUI lawyer. Here are some benefits that you will obtain from a DUI attorney.

They have Knowledge of the System

People are of the opinion that DUI charge is simple. However, it is not true. There are several technical details that you will be able to explore in order to get the facts in line. As a matter of fact, the conditions of the arrest might come with some special circumstances or comprise of some legal mistakes made by the arresting officer. The Toronto DUI lawyer will help you to find the pertinent details which will help you through the whole process.toronto dui lawyer

They Know the Officer

DUI attorney are at times familiar with the local police officers.  On the basis of the circumstances, they will be able to use the reputation of the officer for your own advantage. As a matter of fact, depending on the record of the arresting officer, the Toronto DUI lawyer will be able to reduce the sentence tern or can even dismiss the case.

They can Explore Other Options

Depending on the previous criminal history and also the severity of charges, the DUI attorney will be able to seek less severe sentences. These are specific to individual facts and the circumstances of each and every case. However, the outcome does not have to be all jail time. In fact, your license does not even have to be revoked.

The Criminal lawyer Edmonton will work to get your license back. They will work with the Department of Revenue for getting you reinstated. The DUI attorney will make sure that you get off without any problem. DUI charges can be pretty damaging for your reputation. However, the lawyer will get the offense expunged from the record. With DUI attorney, you will get a better outcome. They also offer constant moral and emotional support. They will handle all the case professionally.



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