Common concerns associated with employment lawyers

You might be holding a well-paid job. Though, at a particular period, your employer would reveal you about the news related to cut in your salary. Or the employer might reveal you about your elimination from a certain designation. Or you can get fired due to a long sick leave. In such a case, what rights do you hold and what step should you take at the moment? Presently, several people face these situations almost every day. In this article, you’ll get to know certain facts related to a labour lawyer Mississauga. If you’re facing any employment issues, then you might raise the following questions.labor lawyer mississauga

  1. Is it possible for an employer to transfer you without your assent?

No! In case, you’ve entered into a contract which permits your employer for doing it, then it can happen. If there is any case related to the unauthorized transfer, then it would come into constructive dismissal.

  1. Is it possible for your employed to cut down your pension or insurance security?

No employer holds a right to cut down your insurance or pension security without submitting a prior notice with a valid reason. On the contrary, if it is written in your employment contract that the benefits can be denied or changed without any prior notice, then no right is preserved for a labour lawyer Mississauga.

Moreover, it is a complex topic when discussing pension security since it is governed by pension legislation and other lawful duties.

  1. Are there any laws to fight against the employer’s harassment act?

It depends upon the harassment, whether safety, human rights, or any other laws can help the labour lawyer Mississauga. If you face any harassment related to the workplace condition by any superior authority or co-worker, then the safety and health amendments can help you. On the other hand, legislation is formed for protecting human rights also.

Submit a report (in writing) with your harassment case to your manager. Or if it is your manager who is harassing you, then submit it to other senior authority.

  1. What are the existing legal rights if an employer fires you without a proper reason?

It all depends upon your terms stated in the employment contract. The ESA (Employment Standards Act) state that you’re eligible for the statutory termination letter or pay for severance, at a minimum.

The employee is permitted for the law notice containing an amount which is often greater than the minimum statutory amount. Also, it depends upon certain factors such as income, age, designation, and so on. Though, the minimum statutory amount is included in the common law notice.

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  1. How many warning letters will be assigned by the employer before firing an employee?

In counting, no exact number exists for the written or verbal warning letters provided to you before firing. It depends upon your act’s nature, whether you’ve misbehaved or any other case. Most commonly, the termination is done due to two common causes, including the lack of good performance or following a proper discipline.

  1. Can an employee get fired due to a poor sales target completion?

Of course, the sales target completion time can affect your job status. It is the first requirement to check whether you’re capable of doing the job on time or not.

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