Common concerns associated with employment lawyers

You might be holding a well-paid job. Though, at a particular period, your employer would reveal you about the news related to cut in your salary. Or the employer might reveal you about your elimination from a certain designation. Or you can get fired due to a long sick leave. In such a case, what rights do you hold and what step should you take at the moment? Presently, several people face these situations almost every day. In this article, you’ll get to know certain facts related to a labour lawyer Mississauga. If you’re facing any employment issues, then you might raise the following questions.labor lawyer mississauga

  1. Is it possible for an employer to transfer you without your assent?

No! In case, you’ve entered into a contract which permits your employer for doing it, then it can happen. If there is any case related to the unauthorized transfer, then it would come into constructive dismissal.

  1. Is it possible for your employed to cut down your pension or insurance security?

No employer holds a right to cut down your insurance or pension security without submitting a prior notice with a valid reason. On the contrary, if it is written in your employment contract that the benefits can be denied or changed without any prior notice, then no right is preserved for a labour lawyer Mississauga.

Moreover, it is a complex topic when discussing pension security since it is governed by pension legislation and other lawful duties.

  1. Are there any laws to fight against the employer’s harassment act?

It depends upon the harassment, whether safety, human rights, or any other laws can help the labour lawyer Mississauga. If you face any harassment related to the workplace condition by any superior authority or co-worker, then the safety and health amendments can help you. On the other hand, legislation is formed for protecting human rights also.

Submit a report (in writing) with your harassment case to your manager. Or if it is your manager who is harassing you, then submit it to other senior authority.

  1. What are the existing legal rights if an employer fires you without a proper reason?

It all depends upon your terms stated in the employment contract. The ESA (Employment Standards Act) state that you’re eligible for the statutory termination letter or pay for severance, at a minimum.

The employee is permitted for the law notice containing an amount which is often greater than the minimum statutory amount. Also, it depends upon certain factors such as income, age, designation, and so on. Though, the minimum statutory amount is included in the common law notice.

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  1. How many warning letters will be assigned by the employer before firing an employee?

In counting, no exact number exists for the written or verbal warning letters provided to you before firing. It depends upon your act’s nature, whether you’ve misbehaved or any other case. Most commonly, the termination is done due to two common causes, including the lack of good performance or following a proper discipline.

  1. Can an employee get fired due to a poor sales target completion?

Of course, the sales target completion time can affect your job status. It is the first requirement to check whether you’re capable of doing the job on time or not.

Hiring the Best Immigration Lawyer in Toronto

Immigration to foreign countries is not that easy as one thinks it to be. The immigration process is very much complicated. With huge number of immigrants immigrating to Canada, the government of Canada is coming up with stricter policies. For an immigrant, it might not be possible to remain updated about the latest immigration laws. Hence, for the purpose of immigration, hiring the best immigration lawyer in Toronto is very crucial.

Immigration attorneys have wide years of experience in the field of immigration will ensure that their client receives the best outcome for their case. Basically, the attorney’s will navigate clients all throughout the immigration, so that their application doesn’t get rejected. Immigration attorneys would make the whole immigration process less stressful.

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How The Best Attorney Can Help You Out?

When an immigrant lawyer takes up a case, they will try to make sure that the immigration application gets approved. After all when one is consulting with the best immigration lawyer in Toronto, one can have peace of mind. A licensed immigration lawyer will ensure that the application is in proper order so there is no chance for rejection.

Any reputed immigration attorney won’t decide an immigration case. In case, an application is rejected, at the most, they can help the client to appeal against the order.  They might see if one has submitted all documents or not. In case they haven’t the lawyer can guide clients.

While hiring an immigration lawyer in Toronto, one needs to take into account the way the attorney present their clients in front of a committee. If the attorney is able to highlight the merits of the client in a beautiful manner, the lawyer can be easily immigration lawyer in toronto

When searching for immigration attorneys across the net, one will come across many lawyers or law firm. Each of the law firms or lawyers may claim to offer the best services. However, it is not always true. You know that very well. The only way to ascertain whether the lawyer is best or not is by checking some facts.

Assess Case

Most importantly the lawyer you would be hiring would not simply give a statement without going through the case details. An experienced lawyer will assess the situation, explain the options for the case, organize the facts, and will finally go ahead with the case.


Before hiring a Toronto immigration lawyer, one should do a thorough research about the lawyer. Searching various review sites can help one to learn about a good lawyer for the task. For instance, checking out the credentials of the lawyers; or in how many cases they were successful, and many more things.

Checking Testimonials

 Every lawyers or law firms have a website of their own. The site along with the testimonials would provide an idea about the professionalism or the area of practice of the lawyer. If you get positive reviews about the lawyer, you can easily hire them.

Hiring an immigration lawyer in Toronto won’t be a hard task if one follows the aforementioned points. Hire the best lawyer and safely immigrate to Canada. Read more about immigration tips for Canada here!

Don’t Drink and Drive especially on the weekends

Don’t Drink and Drive … Or, If the Government Has Its Way, Don’t Drink For Two Hours after Driving Either


Toronto DUI lawyer states that the government has introduced new draconian measures for lowering the permissible blood alcohol level. This eliminates the previous last drinking defense. As a matter of fact, with the present constitutional prerequisites to search the motorist by securing their breath samples in the approved screening device.

As per the new legislation, people who blow 80 will be punished over have a blood alcohol level from 89-80. However, this is not the biggest issue with new legislation. The government is capable of making permissible blood alcohol lower for improving road safety.

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The actual issue is that in order to prevent the legal defense of bolus drinking, the new legislation will prohibit the motorist to have a blood alcohol level over 80 for two hours after the motorist has finished such driving unless the person didn’t really expect to be subjected to a breath test. This part of legislation is only to prevent people from relying on the last drinking or bolus drinking defense. It might sound and look absurd bur it can lead to some odd results.

However, in case you get caught for drinking and driving, you should get in touch with Toronto DUI lawyer. Here are some benefits that you will obtain from a DUI attorney.

They have Knowledge of the System

People are of the opinion that DUI charge is simple. However, it is not true. There are several technical details that you will be able to explore in order to get the facts in line. As a matter of fact, the conditions of the arrest might come with some special circumstances or comprise of some legal mistakes made by the arresting officer. The Toronto DUI lawyer will help you to find the pertinent details which will help you through the whole process.toronto dui lawyer

They Know the Officer

DUI attorney are at times familiar with the local police officers.  On the basis of the circumstances, they will be able to use the reputation of the officer for your own advantage. As a matter of fact, depending on the record of the arresting officer, the Toronto DUI lawyer will be able to reduce the sentence tern or can even dismiss the case.

They can Explore Other Options

Depending on the previous criminal history and also the severity of charges, the DUI attorney will be able to seek less severe sentences. These are specific to individual facts and the circumstances of each and every case. However, the outcome does not have to be all jail time. In fact, your license does not even have to be revoked.

The Criminal lawyer Edmonton will work to get your license back. They will work with the Department of Revenue for getting you reinstated. The DUI attorney will make sure that you get off without any problem. DUI charges can be pretty damaging for your reputation. However, the lawyer will get the offense expunged from the record. With DUI attorney, you will get a better outcome. They also offer constant moral and emotional support. They will handle all the case professionally.